CNG Dealers go on strike : Peshawar, Pakistan

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Following a call from All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA), All CNG stations located in Peshawar have been shut down and gone on strike. The reason so far told by the Acting Chairman of the (APCNGA) Ghayas Abdullah Paracha, It was due to dues of more than billion rupees in terms of estimated bills which have not been submitted far.

The impact of this situation can be the following (My Personal Conclusion)
* Deepened Ecnomic State of the CNG Owners
* Due to Shortage, People will get in trouble.

According to the sources, the strike will last till Tuesday (3o th June).

NEW Petroleum Prices : Pakistan

After the implementation of Carbon tax the prices of the petroleum prices have increased. One more thing i would like to tell here that for the first time in the country's history, the diesel became more expensive than petrol. These prices have been approved by the Prime Minister and will be implemented by 1st July,2009

NEW Prices
Petrol : Rs62.13/Per Liter ( Increasement of Rs5.92/Per Litre)
Hi-speed Diesel : Rs62.65/Per Liter ( Increasement of Rs6.94/Per Litre)
Light Diesel Oil : Rs54.94/Per Liter ( Increasement of Rs6.94/Per Litre)

I guess this is a gift from Zardari's Government to poverty....

Exclusive Review of Chevrolet Joy 2009!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

This is the review of one of the greatest car in small cars category by Chevrolet, The Chevrolet Joy (Misspellings : chevy joy, Chevorlet joy, Chevolet joy, cheverolet Joy, chevrolets Joy , Chevrolet Joe). This car is well famous about it's hot and sexy looking, bundled with great features, fuel efficieny and with a low price tag. Let's learn something in detail about it!

Key Features :

1 : Full High Tensile steel Cage Body (upto 38%)
2 : Side Impact Bars
3 : On back seats, there are three (3) seat belts
4 : Nice Rear Wiper & Washer
5 : Wonderfully made Cellphone & Cup Holder
6 : Stylish Tail Lamp
7 : Fully Controlled and Nicely built CD & MP3 Player with AM/FM Radio function
8 : Front windows are power based, (Power windows)
9 : Power Out Side Rear View Mirror
10 : Spacious Glove Compartment
11 : Sunglass Holder
12 : Powerful Ac (4 Speed Fan Airconditioner) with Heater facility
13 : Solid Disk Brakes
14 : Fabric Seats
15 : 1000CC Engine
16 : Outclass Build quality

Driving :
The car is smooth and comfortable when it comes to driving, ride the car with your favourite music and you will definately enjoy your time

Overall Rating for this : 7.5 / 10

Design Exterior :
The car is uniquely designed, with a chevrolet logo on the middle of car bonut while comparing the back of chevrolet joy, i'm not so impressed further more lights also weren't very attractive.

Overall Rating for this : 6.5 / 10

Design Interior :
Internally the car is beautifully designed with a smooth power steering, fully loaded mp3 cd player, power windows. Seats are made of fabrics, comfartability is the priority which can be booth seen by accessories and sitting, accessories like Cigarette Lighter, Front Ash Tray, Digital Clock, Cellphone & Cup holder are all loaded with it. Seats are quite comfortable. So sitting in this car isn't a bad deal

Overall Rating for this : 8 / 10

Engine Transmission & Performance :
The engine is based on 4 Cylinders,SOHC & 8 Valve. The average engine piston displacement is 995cc. The car comes up with 5 speed manual gears system, The car's come up with a speedometer with odometer and tripmeter. Fuel Empty earning lamp function is also available when needed.

Overall Ratings for this : 8/10

Drawbacks :
Well, One of the biggest drawback of Chevrolet is no good resale value, so if you are looking for a car which you are going to change in a year or two then this might be not your preffered option

Overall Ratings for this : 4/10

Tyres :
The best car tyres size is 165.65.13

Colours :
Chevrolet Joy is available in the following colours
* Denim Blue
* Pearl Black
* Peach Orange
* Golden Grey
* Galaxy White
* Sliver Gray
* Poly Silver

Review :

"The best pakistani car i have ever drived."

"What i think about this cool chevy is,
(i) The car has a digital meter
(ii) So far, I haven't faced any starting problems even when the car is cold
(iii) Road clearance is good, consider 3 +average guys + laugage in car on moutain ranges near swat and its bad road near moutain ranges
(iv) I'm satisfied with the Fuel average
(v) Brakes are good in it's class
(vi) Hands down! No comparison with other cars in this class.

Bad Resale Value
Poor availablity of spare parts with expensive price tags "

"I love the car because its comfort and stability on highway is great."

Price :
As of 9th June, 2009
Joy = Rs. 649,000/- (PK Price)
Joy with Custom Designed CNG Kit = Rs. 689,000/- (PK Price)

Well, if you are looking a car that you aren't going to change in the near future, with a good mileage and with comfortability then this is the best option in Pakistan made car, this car have all features what an ordinary user needs, from cellphone holder to cd player , all type of accessories are available but on the other hand, the only big draw back this car have is it lacks resale price in the Pakistani market which is a great turn down if you are looking for a car for less than 1 year.

Ratings :
Overall Ratings 7/10 (Well worth for what you pay!)

Death penalty for driving vehicle without registration : Sindh, Pakistan

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah, has proposed a death penalty if you drive a car without registation, According to the sources, this decision was taken to control down the voilence in the Karachi and to bring everything under control.

Car Prices Slashed down! : Pakistan

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

These are the new car prices in Pakistan

NOTE : All Car Manufacturers prices were last updated on 1st March ,2010.
We carefully monitor the changes in car prices and so update here as so when needed.

Suzuki Car Prices (LAST UPDATED ON 1st March, 2010)

Suzuki Mehran VX Price - Rs. 419,000
Suzuki Mehran VX CNG Price - Rs. 464,000
Suzuki Mehran VXR Price - Rs. 470,000
Suzuki Alto VXR Price- Rs.613,000
Suzuki Alto VXR CNG Price- Rs.662,000
Suzuki Cultus VXR Price- Rs. 790,000
Suzuki Cultus VXR CNG Price- Rs. 830,000
Suzuki Cultus VXL Price- Rs. 850,000
Suzuki Cultus VXL CNG Price- Rs. 890,000
Suzuki Liana RXI 1.3 Manual Transmission Price- Rs. 1,099,000
Suzuki Liana RXI 1.3 CNG Manual Transmission Price- Rs. 1,169,000
Suzuki Liana LXI 1.3 Manual Transmission Price- Rs. 1,165,000
Suzuki Liana LXI 1.3 CNG Manual Transmission Price- Rs. 1,229,000
Suzuki Liana 1.6L AXI Price - Rs. 1,230,000
Suzuki Ravi Pickup Price - Rs. 439,000
Suzuki Swift (NEW CAR) Price - Rs. 1,049,000

Toyota Car Prices (LAST UPDATED ON 1st March, 2010)

Toyota Corolla XLi Price - Rs. 1,289,000
Toyota Corolla GLi Price - Rs. 1,414,000
Toyota Corolla 2.0D Price - Rs. 1,347,000
Toyota Corolla 2.0D Saloon Price - Rs. 1,699,000
Toyota Corolla 2.0D Saloon SR Price- Rs. 1,784,000
Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8 M/T Price - Rs. 1,699,000
Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8 M/T SR Price - Rs. 1,784,000
Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8 Cruisetronic Price - Rs. 1,784,000
Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8 Cruisetronic SR Price - Rs. 1,869,000
Toyota Corolla Altis AT Price - Rs. 1,724,000
Toyota Corolla Altis SR Price - Rs. 1,809,000
Toyota Fortuner 2.7L AT Price - Rs. 72,99,000
Toyota Avanza 1.5 M/T STD - Rs. 1,799,000
Toyota Camry 2400cc Petrol M/T - Rs. 6,099,000
Toyota Camry 2400cc Petrol A/T - Rs. 6,299,000
Toyota Prado 3.0L Turbo - Rs. 6,450,000

Honda Car Prices (LAST UPDATED ON 1st March, 2010)

Honda City 1.3 L Manual Transmission Price - Rs. 1,232,000
Honda City 1.3 L Automatic Price - Rs. 1,352,000
Honda Civic i-VTEC Manual Transmission Price - Rs. 1,622,000
Honda Civic i-VTEC Prosmatec Transmission Price - Rs. 1,712,000
Honda Civic VTi Oriel Manual Transmission Price - Rs. 1,762,000
Honda Civic VTi Oriel Prosmatec Transmission Price - Rs. 1,842,000
Honda Accord 2.4 I-VTEC A/T Price - Rs. 5,703,000
Honda CR-V 2.4 Litre Price - Rs. 5,303,000

Chevrolet Prices
As of 1st July,2009
Chevrolet Joy Price = Rs. 6,49,000
Chevrolet Joy with Custom Designed CNG Kit Price = Rs. 6,89,000
Chverolet Spark Price = Rs. 7,39,000 (Manual)
Chverolet Spark Price = Rs. 8,35,000 (Automatic)
Chverolet Optra SE Price = Rs. 1,479,000
Chverolet Optra LS M/T Price = Rs. 1,549,000
Chverolet Optra LS A/T Price = Rs. 1,629,000
Chverolet Optra 1.8 CDX-MT Price = Rs. 1,669,000
Chverolet Optra 1.8 CDX-AT Price = Rs. 1,759,000
Chverolet Aveo LT M/T with ABS and Airbag Price = Rs. 1,339,000
Chverolet Aveo LT A/T with ABS and Airbag Price = Rs. 1,439,000
Chverolet Aveo LT M/T without ABS and Airbag Price = Rs. 1,289,000
Chverolet Aveo LT A/T without ABS and Airbag Price = Rs. 1,389,000

Lamborghini LP 560-4 Spyder

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lamborghini LP 560-4 Spyder Pictures

Please take a look at the pictures below

Well now you can't expect even more than this in dreams even! This is going to be the ultimate money-no-object supercar this summer.

This is the second-generation of the Gallardo Spyder with 5.2 - litre V10, producing the horse power (hp) of 522bhp -

You can reach 0-60 mph speed in just four seconds while the maximum top speed you can have is 201mph which is incredible with the roof. Hey! but it also have a price tag of £149,500 so you need to win a jackpot first if you want to buy this baby!

Ooops i guess sexy na! ?

Sexyyyyy Spotted in Sharjah!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Well look at a very cool and sexy car spotted in Sharjah!

Iranian designer Emil Baddal, designed Supercars

Monday, June 1, 2009

Below are some really cool pictures of the future cars of tomorrow which is made by Iranian Designer, Emid Baddal, it is looking like that Iran is really progressing and have got some talent in it's youngsters

Take a look at pictures

With the the help of it's own imagination bundled with styling cues from BMW, Lamborghini and Ferrari sports cars.

Comments would be appreciated