Happy Independence Day : Pakistan

Friday, August 14, 2009

"One Man's dream....
Achieved by another....
We came by all means we could....
Since Then....

Have we not travelled across Fairylands....
Have we not been a part of Heaven on Earth....
Have we not built....
For the world to see....
Have we not Guarded our borders....
Day and Night....
From thousands of feets above....
In below freezing temperatures....
And across the oceans....
Have we not gone....
Where the world thought we could never go....
But then....

Our cities burned....
Hundreds killed....
We were engulfed in a war.. which wasn't even our's....

But we fought....

And we fought, not for our ourselves....
But for the millions who have suffered..For we are Heroic people....

Despite of all our efforts....

We are the ones who they discriminate....
We are the ones who they slaughter....
These are the people who left homeless....
Our people....
Take a moment to identify the difference....
Between this....
And this....
Both weep....
One with her stuffed teady bear....
The other one with her mother's blood....
Only HE knows....
Whose house was brought down by rockets....

The beauty of our people.... Lies not in being suppressed....
But in being capable of enduring all that we may suffer....
In being able to stand up every time we fall....
He showed the world....
The beard does not teach you to make bombs....
It certainly gives you all powers to make world records....

You can bomb their schools....
They will study on mats....
You can bomb his madrassa....
But no power do you have to stop him from smiling....
You may try to disunite us....
But we all bow down before one lord....
You can destroy our homes....
But you cannot destroy our smiles....
Through these hard times .... As always ....
One Flag to unite us all....
One land to bring us all....
One name to die for....
Long Live Pakistan.... "

May Allah protect our country from all the bad eye's

Pakistan Zinda Bad ! :)
Happy Independence Day

Sale of big cars grows 214% in July 2009 : Pakistan

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Finally the automobile industry is moving back with rapid progress. It has been reported that the sale of big cars (1300cc and plus) has registered a sizeable increase of 214 percent while the sale of small cars is reduced to 17 percent in July 2009 as compared to July 2008.

The sale of 1300cc and biggers cars stood at 4,351 units while the sale of small cars (800cc) shrank to 8560 units.
The sale of 1000cc cars has also been increased to 40 percent and stood at 1,555 units

Some cool old car pictures

Monday, August 3, 2009

So this proves the old quotation, "Old is Gold" once again...

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani son's fined by Capital Police

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

At first i was shocked to hear this kind of news, take a look at yourself

ISLAMABAD: City traffic police late on Sunday caught Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s son for a violation and served him a ticket, which he received civilly and also paid the fine personally.

Sources told Dawn on Monday that Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Liaquat of the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP), who was deployed at Radio Pakistan, spotted a car (LEC-411) being driven with high beam.

The ASI signaled the vehicle to stop and informed the driver that he had committed a violation by using high beam. He asked for documents to issue a fine ticket.

The violator introduced him as Moosa Gilani, a son of the premier, but the ITP official again sought the documents.

Mr Gilani handed over the car’s registration book to the police official, who issued him a ticket carrying a fine of Rs200.

Mr Gilani himself visited a National Bank’s branch on Monday and paid the fine to get the vehicle’s document back. He also visited the ITP Headquarters, met senior officers there and commended the ASI’s ‘honesty and zero tolerance.’

Hmm... I'm in the view that the situation is now improving in Pakistan, due to the freedom of Media, Everyone is watched now, People have started following the rules and regulations and if the thinks started going this way, I'm sure the day is no far when we will have a true democracy in our country with the Constitution and Parliament being the supreme powers of the Country.

E-10 to be available at Rs59.84 per litre : Pakistan

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Well we have previously told you that ECC Allowed Ethanol 10 to be used as a fuel. So here it is,

The governement of Pakistan have finally decided to start Ethanol 10 fuel with the price of Rs. 59.84 per litre, the good news is that it don't comes under GST Tax, and it is Rs2.48 less than the normal petrol.

The main object of Ethanol 10 fuel was
* Decrease Petrol Import
* Increase Foreign Exchange
* Provide cheaper fuel to Motor bikes and 800CC cars.
* Reduce green house gas emissions from transportation sources
* Decrease Pollution

Though this fuel seems to be more cheaper and provide extra fuel economy but keep in mind that this fuel is not suitable for old cars, so if you have one, it's always better to consult with your car mechanic.

Hyundai to introduce 1.1 litre diesel i10 : India

The country’s third largest car maker Hyundai Motor India Ltd is looking to build a diesel engine plant in the country. The auto maker has got an in-principle approval from its parent in South Korea, people familiar with the development said.

Further more, rumours are that the firm is keen to invest Rs.500,000,000 to build a factory that can produce around 100,000 engines

The company is likely to introduce a diesel variant of its i10 hatchback model in the next eight-12 months and likely to import the engine to start with and eventually look at localizing the 1.1-litre diesel engine, the people said.

Well after these steps, i suppose that the Indian people must be very happy and excited

Motorcycle sidecars

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Francois Knorreck made a quite new definition of Motorcycle sidecars, Francois made a car joined with motorcycle which costed him 10 years of his life plus 15000 euro's to complete his project!.

Funny Bike Accidents

Monday, July 20, 2009

Well look at the funny bike accidents.... you can't stop laughing

Caution : If you will use mobile phone! get ready for this

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A guy at Pakwheels posted his story, about how he lost his concentration while he was busy in sending a message from his mobile phone.

So always strictly try to avoid using a cellphone when driving, and in emergency cases always park your car before using a cellphone.

Bad Accident!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Very bad accident... I guess the car is Honda civic 2009. As far as i came to know, all passengers were died.

Moral : "Drive slowly and carefully".

Chevrolet Beat Pictures leaked! : Chennai, India

Friday, July 10, 2009

Chevrolet Beat Pictures leaked! : Chennai, India
Below are the pictures

Sexy looking Hyundai i20 Diesel Pictures : India

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today we are releasing the pictures of the one of the great sexy looking car, Hyundai i20 Diesel.
The Hyundai i20 has been winning accolades ever since its launch and it's the second best car after the new honda city for Indian car of the Year 2009.

Still the expected launch date is not yet been confirmed but according to the sources we can expect it's release anywhere from July to December 2009.

Next Generation Toyota Prado Picture

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Look at the cool picture of the next generation, Toyota Prado

SC suspends carbon tax on petroleum products : Pakisatm

The supreme court of Pakistan has reversed the orders of government to add carbon tax on petroleum products though this decision is temporarely until the final decision come on this case.

While the supreme court have just given these orders and the people from all ove the Pakistan have welcomed this decision though still after 24 hours of this order, most of the petrol pumps haven't started delivering the petrol on new rates.

When asked Advisor to Petroleum to PM about this matter, he said the ministry will respect the supreme court verdict on this matter.

Now let's see what happens in the future!

Corolla Yellow Taxi In Islamabad Airport : Pakistan

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This is the first time, that i have ever seen the pictures of any toyota corolla taxi in Pakistan.
Have a look by yourself and you will be amazed as well....

10 Most Effective Fuel Saving TIPS

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Due to the economic turndown, and with the current up and down in the petroleum prices, below are several ways for everyone to reduce the cost of driving. There are some as well which only requires a bit of attention.

1: Regular Car Tuning / Service is MUST!
It is your first duty to keep your vehicle maintained with regular changing of oil, water and other services required in order to maintain the car in perfect condition. Also don't forget to regularly check your car tyre's air pressure and wheel alignment because these two alone can improve the fuel economy by upto 10 percent.

2 : In Driving, be yourself
You are driving the car, not racing with anyone else, be yourself and drive smoothly, accelerate gradually and you will see a saving of as much as 20 percent, avoid extra braking and maintain your car speed upto 90/kmh because if you will increase the speed from this mark, you will start wasting the gas.

3 : Drive with Care
Drive with care, look properly in the side mirrors, don't stay idle too long, don't waste your fuel by waiting in the drive-thru lanes at your favourite restaurant instead park your car and get your meal. Further more According to the Natural Resources Canada, If your car engine is idle for more than 10 seconds it burns more fuel than turning your car off and then starting it again.

4 : Make your plans first!
List down your plans, where you want to go, find shortest distances between two locations so that you can save your time and fuel. Avoid multiple trips and try to use those roads which have less traffic.

5 : Temperature effects
You must probably be aware of the temperature effects on fuel consumption, if you are driving in hot temperature, you must need A.C. which can increase oil consumption, then driving with headwind can increase fuel consumption, while driving on a mountain road can decrease the fuel consumption thus paying extra money, also driving on a gravel and in snow also requires more fuel.

6 : Alternative methods of transportation
Try to find other methods of transportation, like two friends going together to a university instead two going separate, do walk, use bicycle, carpool or take public transportation and leave
your car at home. Further more activities like cycling or walking also helps in reducing your weight and providing your body the exercise which it needs.

7: An all-important label
Compare your car consumption with other car's in the market, discuss on various online forums, with friends or with the car dealers about the best car in fuel consumption.

8 : Check Technology Advancements
Regularly update yourself with the latest technology advancements like electric hybrid cars and always try to make your priority to buy those.

9 : Other Costs Affected
Keep in mind that you might have to pay a bit more when buying a new car, due to the rising petroleum prices, everything will be affected from food to water, and so rent for your new car delivery as well.

10 : Your eye to the future
Keep a close look to the future, the rising global warming is because of the burning of fossil fuels, so every litre of petrol you don't use can help ease global warming.

In 2 to 3 years, Honda will make a small car : India

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Honda Siel Cars India (HSCI) today said that, they are likely to launch a new small car made by Honda in India within the next two to three years. So far, they haven't provided any details about the engine capacity,speed, performance or other specifications of these small cars.

Tata Motors to come up with Electric and Hybrid variants on Nano Platforms : India

After world cheapest car Tata Nano made it's own presence in the world with good quality manufacturing at a very low price by Tata Motors. Now the company is in the process of making new electric and hybrid version of Tata Nano.

Higlighting the Innovations and Innnovativeness, Company revealed it's intentions to make electric and hybrid version of the world's cheapest car, Tata Nano.

Tata Group quoted ‘Tata Nano is not just a car for the company. It is a platform to create more high ends models which will sell for higher prices and yield higher margins’.

Honda Jazz Pictures

Friday, July 3, 2009

Here are some pictures of the Honda Jazz

This car is famously known as cheap honda jazz.
Just to let everyone know that the review of Honda Jazz is soon coming up! and so if you are looking for used honda jazz or searching for honda jazz price or looking for honda jazz review, just wait a while so that we can write an excellent review for our users! So stay with us and be updated!

Fitch cuts Toyota’s rating to A+

Tokyo : The biggest car manufacturer in Japan, Toyota Motor corporation, had it's credit ratings cut by Fitch ratings.
Fitch downgraded toyota from AA to A+ making it down two notches.

This year toyota is expecting a final loss of 550 billion yen ($5.7 billion) for their second business year in loss ending on march.
While the Director at Fitch ratings, Jeong Min Pak said in a phone call that “It may take several years for Toyota to approach previous levels of profitability,”.

Toyota has 8.3 trillion yen in outstanding bonds and loan.

The fears are that if the conditions and circumstances will remain the same there are chances that the Fitch will further downgrade the
toyota's credit ratings

30 New CNG Buses : Lahore, Pakistan

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, launched these 30 cng buses with expecting that as many as 2000 Cng buses would be run in Lahore and other cities of Punjab in order to control the increasing pollution.

He also rolled out further plans for underground Metro train in collabration with Iran and China

A chinese representative speaking on the occasion that 700 CNG buses will be started by December 2009, further saying that nine chinese companies will run 2000 buses

Increase in petrol prices after 1 year : India

To stem the losses of state owned retailers, the government have finally decided to increase the petroleum prices. With the increase, the petrol price became Rs.4 / per litre expensive while the diesel became Rs.2 / per litre expensive. Other type of oil prices were remained un-changed.

Last time the fuel prices were raised was on 4th June, 2008. Though there after there were 2 cuts in fuel prices in December, 2008 and Janaury 2009 respectively.

AKTI rejects Increase in Petroleum prices : Karachi, Pakistan

With the effect of new petroleum prices, several associations have started refusing the increase in prices like today, All Karachi Transport Ittehad (AKTI) President, Irshad Bukhari has demanded government of immediately withdrawal of the decision.
Further more, he also warned the government that they will halt the transport in case if their demands are not completed.

He also said that prices in International market have not yet reached that level where the increase in petroleum prices in must, so we hereby completely rejects this increase in petroleum prices.

I also personally think that wasn't a fair decision from the government of Pakistan and they should reverse this type of decision, but in country like Pakistan, i don't expect this reverse to be happen.

Govt to earn 43pc per litre from new petroleum prices : Pakistan

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

After the implementation of the new Carbon tax, the prices have been increased so far that the government will be able to earn 43 percent per litre through petroleum prices.

The advisor to the PM on Petroleum and Natural Resources, Dr. Asim Hussain, The prcies increased in the petroleum are as follows
Petrol = 10.55 Percent
Diesel = 12.50 Percent

After the enforcement of the new price, the ex-refinery price will be Rs36.59 per litre with Rs10/per litre (Carbon Tax) , Rs3.37/Per litre (Intra-country transportation), The commission of dealers will be Rs.2 per litre, Rs1.60/litre commission for oil marketing companies and 16 percent Government charge would be charged which will be Rs.8.57/ Per litre.
Now the price per litre petrol including all expenses would be Rs.43.56 and the government taxes on it will be Rs.18.57/ Per Litre which is about 43 percent of the petrol price.

CNG Dealers go on strike : Peshawar, Pakistan

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Following a call from All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA), All CNG stations located in Peshawar have been shut down and gone on strike. The reason so far told by the Acting Chairman of the (APCNGA) Ghayas Abdullah Paracha, It was due to dues of more than billion rupees in terms of estimated bills which have not been submitted far.

The impact of this situation can be the following (My Personal Conclusion)
* Deepened Ecnomic State of the CNG Owners
* Due to Shortage, People will get in trouble.

According to the sources, the strike will last till Tuesday (3o th June).

NEW Petroleum Prices : Pakistan

After the implementation of Carbon tax the prices of the petroleum prices have increased. One more thing i would like to tell here that for the first time in the country's history, the diesel became more expensive than petrol. These prices have been approved by the Prime Minister and will be implemented by 1st July,2009

NEW Prices
Petrol : Rs62.13/Per Liter ( Increasement of Rs5.92/Per Litre)
Hi-speed Diesel : Rs62.65/Per Liter ( Increasement of Rs6.94/Per Litre)
Light Diesel Oil : Rs54.94/Per Liter ( Increasement of Rs6.94/Per Litre)

I guess this is a gift from Zardari's Government to poverty....

Exclusive Review of Chevrolet Joy 2009!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

This is the review of one of the greatest car in small cars category by Chevrolet, The Chevrolet Joy (Misspellings : chevy joy, Chevorlet joy, Chevolet joy, cheverolet Joy, chevrolets Joy , Chevrolet Joe). This car is well famous about it's hot and sexy looking, bundled with great features, fuel efficieny and with a low price tag. Let's learn something in detail about it!

Key Features :

1 : Full High Tensile steel Cage Body (upto 38%)
2 : Side Impact Bars
3 : On back seats, there are three (3) seat belts
4 : Nice Rear Wiper & Washer
5 : Wonderfully made Cellphone & Cup Holder
6 : Stylish Tail Lamp
7 : Fully Controlled and Nicely built CD & MP3 Player with AM/FM Radio function
8 : Front windows are power based, (Power windows)
9 : Power Out Side Rear View Mirror
10 : Spacious Glove Compartment
11 : Sunglass Holder
12 : Powerful Ac (4 Speed Fan Airconditioner) with Heater facility
13 : Solid Disk Brakes
14 : Fabric Seats
15 : 1000CC Engine
16 : Outclass Build quality

Driving :
The car is smooth and comfortable when it comes to driving, ride the car with your favourite music and you will definately enjoy your time

Overall Rating for this : 7.5 / 10

Design Exterior :
The car is uniquely designed, with a chevrolet logo on the middle of car bonut while comparing the back of chevrolet joy, i'm not so impressed further more lights also weren't very attractive.

Overall Rating for this : 6.5 / 10

Design Interior :
Internally the car is beautifully designed with a smooth power steering, fully loaded mp3 cd player, power windows. Seats are made of fabrics, comfartability is the priority which can be booth seen by accessories and sitting, accessories like Cigarette Lighter, Front Ash Tray, Digital Clock, Cellphone & Cup holder are all loaded with it. Seats are quite comfortable. So sitting in this car isn't a bad deal

Overall Rating for this : 8 / 10

Engine Transmission & Performance :
The engine is based on 4 Cylinders,SOHC & 8 Valve. The average engine piston displacement is 995cc. The car comes up with 5 speed manual gears system, The car's come up with a speedometer with odometer and tripmeter. Fuel Empty earning lamp function is also available when needed.

Overall Ratings for this : 8/10

Drawbacks :
Well, One of the biggest drawback of Chevrolet is no good resale value, so if you are looking for a car which you are going to change in a year or two then this might be not your preffered option

Overall Ratings for this : 4/10

Tyres :
The best car tyres size is 165.65.13

Colours :
Chevrolet Joy is available in the following colours
* Denim Blue
* Pearl Black
* Peach Orange
* Golden Grey
* Galaxy White
* Sliver Gray
* Poly Silver

Review :

"The best pakistani car i have ever drived."

"What i think about this cool chevy is,
(i) The car has a digital meter
(ii) So far, I haven't faced any starting problems even when the car is cold
(iii) Road clearance is good, consider 3 +average guys + laugage in car on moutain ranges near swat and its bad road near moutain ranges
(iv) I'm satisfied with the Fuel average
(v) Brakes are good in it's class
(vi) Hands down! No comparison with other cars in this class.

Bad Resale Value
Poor availablity of spare parts with expensive price tags "

"I love the car because its comfort and stability on highway is great."

Price :
As of 9th June, 2009
Joy = Rs. 649,000/- (PK Price)
Joy with Custom Designed CNG Kit = Rs. 689,000/- (PK Price)

Well, if you are looking a car that you aren't going to change in the near future, with a good mileage and with comfortability then this is the best option in Pakistan made car, this car have all features what an ordinary user needs, from cellphone holder to cd player , all type of accessories are available but on the other hand, the only big draw back this car have is it lacks resale price in the Pakistani market which is a great turn down if you are looking for a car for less than 1 year.

Ratings :
Overall Ratings 7/10 (Well worth for what you pay!)