New Honda City 2009 Exclusive Review

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Some of you might be amazed that this is my first post on this blog and i'm going to start with one of the hot favourite car in the asian market, honda city. I'm glad that they launched a hot new model which have impressed in many ways.

Date Launch: Since there isn't any exact confirm source available but as said at Wikipedia website ( and some rumors that it will most probably available in the month of september in Thailand.

Major Change : One of the major change is that, Honda city no longer share the same interior as that of HoNDA Jazz. But still right now they both have same 1.5 i-VTEC engline loaded.

Design Exterior : Now if you do compare with the previous honda city model, i have to again admit that they are not like of corolla, in which you can always see the picture of old model in a new model in some way. It's exterior is just like the new Honda Accord so I will award this as a "Mini Accord"


Design Interior : Here are some pictures about the interior of New Honda city.

Though the interior is different to the Jazz but there will be much similarities
between Jazz and City. Engine & Transmission : The Engine and Transmission details can be directly obtained by Jazz. Because Honda city and Jazz will share the same power unit and transmission. The previous generation was available with a 1.5 i-DSI or a 1.5 VTEC, producing 88hp and 110hp respectively. The iDSI models were more economical on fuel, and i-DSI models were also cheaper. The new model will simplify things with just one engine on offer, the 1.5 litre i-VTEC. The 1497cc SOHC (single-over-head-cam), 4 cylinder, 16 valve engine uses Honda's i-VTEC technology to improve efficiency and power. The unit can now deliver 120 hp at 6600 rpm. The engine is E20 capable. According to HONDA, the new engine will be more powerful,advanced and will be more economical then ever before.

Larger Size :
There are rumors that new size is increased by around 95mm to 4485mm.The current City is already a tall looking car, and the new model is even taller, with height to increase by 10mm, to 1495mm. This is lower than the 1525mm Jazz, but 35mm extra height over the Toyota Vios. Width is to increase by 5mm to 1695mm, equalling the Jazz, which is sill 5mm narrower than the Vios. This will make the City the largest car in the 1500cc class, and since Honda are very good at packaging we can be sure that all that space will be very well utilised, with clever storage spaces, plenty of room for the occupants, and a large boot.

Pricing : As confirmed by several sources the new honda city 2009 will be ranged just near Jazz in Thailand. The expectation price over there is about to be in 15,500$ to $19,500 range. In Pakistan some folks at have said about Rs.12,000,00 (12 Lakh). In India it is about Rs.900,000 (9 Lakh). While these prices are unconfirmed, but still all Came from a solid source so you can expect the average price of new honda city

Right now that's all we know about Honda city. I beleive the toyota is in great trouble with this city coming out. With the specifications and designs we came to know, this car can be considered the best in it's range and surely if i would get a chance to buy a car with this budget, i will surely select this car without any hesitation.

Ratings : 8.5/10


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a very good review with very good information .good comparision too..and evrything is perfectly fitted to there places..great review..

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