THE ALL NEW Toyota Corolla 09 - Impressed Review!

Monday, September 1, 2008

We all know that Toyota Corolla is one of the legendary car.We are surprised to see the new corolla model! and this might be the first time that i have liked the functions of toyota corolla because everytime they are in lack of functions.

Major Invention :
This is is the 10th generation of this car and I Think these 2 things are major inventions of the new model
• Cruise control
• Switch tronic

* Cruise control refers to a system that automatically adjusts and controls the rate of motion of a motor vehicle according to the instructions provided by the user. The driver is responsible to set a speed and the system will automatically maintain that speed.

Engine & Transmission :
Toyota have included the latest new dual VVT-i technology in the Altis, with the 1.6 liter 1ZR-FE and 1.8 liter 2ZR-FE being the two likely options for the Thai market.
The 1.6 liter should produce a healthy 124 hp, while we can expect the 1.8 to be around 140hp, on par with the 1.8 liter Civic power output.But the 1.6 will represent the bulk of the sales here.
The new European Corolla uses the 1.6 dual VVT-i engine to achieve fuel economy figures of 15km/l in the European combined fuel cycle. Although the 1.8 liter will offer even more power, the 1.6 is plenty capable, with 0-100km in just under 10.5 seconds, and a top speed of 195 km/h.

Design Exterior :
Many People say that the new design of toyota corolla is just a great to see. We have been impressed by the new corolla design but it's
a wonder that is this design ready to compete with civic ?.

Design Interior :
The interior looks great to me. One of the great among them is Formula 1 style gear change indication light which shows the driver the optimum moment to change gears.
This feature is only on the manual version (obviously), and since manual transmission are reserved for the budget trim levels it's safe to assume that we won't see this sort of feature.
According to Toyota, following the advise of this system will result in around a 5% increase in fuel economy.
High end models which are fitted out with cruise control will have a "speed limiter" feature. The driver can set the maximum permitted speed, for example 120 km/m for expressway driving,
and will be able to accelerate normally until the car reaches this speed. The system can be over ridden in case of emergency by simply kicking down on the gas.

Other changes :

• Cruise control
• Switch tronic
• Side view mirrors with integrated indicators (standard on all models)
• Tilt and telescopic steering with EPS ( on all versions)
• Sliding front arm rest (all models)
• Flat floor (all models)
• Leather package
• Elegant power sunroof with personal lamps , sunroof panel with extra storage .
• 4 dial , 3D optitron meter with multi info display
• Electronic throttle
• 15” disc brakes front and rear (all models)
• Hidden window washer nozzles ( all mmodels)
• Keyless entry system and illuminated entry
• 22 seperate storage compartments (all models)
• VVTi in 1.3 litre engine(max output.63 kW(85 hp) / 6,000 rpm torque: 121 Nm / 4400 rpm
• ABS with EBD and BA in Gli also
• LED type high mount stop lamp

Colours :

Flaxen mica colour
Grayish blue colour
Silver colour
White colour
Black colour
Strong Blue colour
Gun metallic colour
Beige colour
Medium Silver colour

Pricing :

In Pakistan the prices of Toyota Corolla are as follows.
2.0D Saloon Rs.16,39,000
With Sunroof Rs.17,29,000

Altis MT Rs.16,19,000
With Sunroof Rs.17,09,000

Altis Automatic Rs.17,09,000
With Sunroof Rs.17,99,000

Sorry Indian Brothers, I Wasn't able to get the exact price structure for that car, if some one of you know the exact link through which i can get please post in the comments section

In USA, the price seems to be start from 15,350$

Some Reviews :

“It's totally appropriate to describe this new Corolla as a baby Camry, which, in turn, is in a baby Lexus.
That's not a bad pedigree for any car.” — New Car Test Drive

“It's too bad that, while significantly improved, the new Corolla sedan has an awkward appearance.” —

“Acceleration is certainly on par with or better than most other economy cars, and the ride is smooth.” —

Conclusion :
Overall the car is good, with lot's of safety measures, nice performance, handgrip and a good mileage what can you expect more ?
Simply awesome.

Ratings : 9/10


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