10 Most Effective Fuel Saving TIPS

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Due to the economic turndown, and with the current up and down in the petroleum prices, below are several ways for everyone to reduce the cost of driving. There are some as well which only requires a bit of attention.

1: Regular Car Tuning / Service is MUST!
It is your first duty to keep your vehicle maintained with regular changing of oil, water and other services required in order to maintain the car in perfect condition. Also don't forget to regularly check your car tyre's air pressure and wheel alignment because these two alone can improve the fuel economy by upto 10 percent.

2 : In Driving, be yourself
You are driving the car, not racing with anyone else, be yourself and drive smoothly, accelerate gradually and you will see a saving of as much as 20 percent, avoid extra braking and maintain your car speed upto 90/kmh because if you will increase the speed from this mark, you will start wasting the gas.

3 : Drive with Care
Drive with care, look properly in the side mirrors, don't stay idle too long, don't waste your fuel by waiting in the drive-thru lanes at your favourite restaurant instead park your car and get your meal. Further more According to the Natural Resources Canada, If your car engine is idle for more than 10 seconds it burns more fuel than turning your car off and then starting it again.

4 : Make your plans first!
List down your plans, where you want to go, find shortest distances between two locations so that you can save your time and fuel. Avoid multiple trips and try to use those roads which have less traffic.

5 : Temperature effects
You must probably be aware of the temperature effects on fuel consumption, if you are driving in hot temperature, you must need A.C. which can increase oil consumption, then driving with headwind can increase fuel consumption, while driving on a mountain road can decrease the fuel consumption thus paying extra money, also driving on a gravel and in snow also requires more fuel.

6 : Alternative methods of transportation
Try to find other methods of transportation, like two friends going together to a university instead two going separate, do walk, use bicycle, carpool or take public transportation and leave
your car at home. Further more activities like cycling or walking also helps in reducing your weight and providing your body the exercise which it needs.

7: An all-important label
Compare your car consumption with other car's in the market, discuss on various online forums, with friends or with the car dealers about the best car in fuel consumption.

8 : Check Technology Advancements
Regularly update yourself with the latest technology advancements like electric hybrid cars and always try to make your priority to buy those.

9 : Other Costs Affected
Keep in mind that you might have to pay a bit more when buying a new car, due to the rising petroleum prices, everything will be affected from food to water, and so rent for your new car delivery as well.

10 : Your eye to the future
Keep a close look to the future, the rising global warming is because of the burning of fossil fuels, so every litre of petrol you don't use can help ease global warming.


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