E-10 to be available at Rs59.84 per litre : Pakistan

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Well we have previously told you that ECC Allowed Ethanol 10 to be used as a fuel. So here it is,

The governement of Pakistan have finally decided to start Ethanol 10 fuel with the price of Rs. 59.84 per litre, the good news is that it don't comes under GST Tax, and it is Rs2.48 less than the normal petrol.

The main object of Ethanol 10 fuel was
* Decrease Petrol Import
* Increase Foreign Exchange
* Provide cheaper fuel to Motor bikes and 800CC cars.
* Reduce green house gas emissions from transportation sources
* Decrease Pollution

Though this fuel seems to be more cheaper and provide extra fuel economy but keep in mind that this fuel is not suitable for old cars, so if you have one, it's always better to consult with your car mechanic.