Mazda RX-8 from official importer for RM223,699

Sunday, November 9, 2008

If you are in Malaysia, that seems to be a good news for you as one of the new Mazda distibutors, Bermaz Motor have just officially opened their doors for the new fully imported Mazda RX-8 in Malaysia.

The engine in the RX8 is RENESIS which is new improved model that was launched with the Facelift. Another thing, which needs to be notice is that it's gas seal lubrication system has also been changed from a mechanical type to a electromagnetic type and there is another additional nozzle to make a total of 3 now.

The Main reason why i love Mazda RX-8 is it's Horsepower, 212 & 211Nm Torque. I beleive in 1300cc category no car is able to compete with this amazing car.

As everybody know, it's engine is specially designed for racing purpose, but you should only put such strain on the engine after it has properly warmed enough. Just Like a BMW M3, the RX8 has a variable redline that prevents overrevving when the engine has not warmed fully.

When it comes to 1300cc Car, I always to have a Mazda RX-8 and i'm based in Pakistan tough and since the duties have recently increased here and due to falling value of our Pak rupees i always force to change up my mind but i haven't still losed my hope!.

2010 Tata Indiva Spy Photos

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

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I hope everyone will like it :)