Owners pressed for closure of CNG stations twice a week

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

With High Prices, increased poverty, high petroleum prices, electricity load shedding and with every possible problem. Not to forget, we are in State-of-war as well, there come's another problem, and that is CNG Closure for twice a week

Statement from SNGC
"According to General Manager of SNGC Chaudhry Masood Ahmed, the company is facing shortfall of 250 million cubic meter gas per day."
Now, to fulfil these problems, the government has decided to close down CNG Stations twice a week. One thing here's interesting, with every new problem, there is an action, but in the end who suffers ?, it's the customer!, it's the people, not the Government, because to meet the CNG shortage, the government have closed the CNG Stations, actually they tried to made a solution to solve the problem but look who suffered ?... the Consumer, the People!