Suzuki Swift, the Suzuki's 1300

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Be patient guys, here is the picture of the new suzuki swift

Hope everyone like it, It's a new 1300cc hatchback produced by Suzuki, following the increase in demand of short cars and this car, having maximum facilities, a clear cut response by Suzuki to the market .

If you look at the past records, during the last 3 years, you will find that more than 52 percent cars sold were in hatchback category, mainly 800 cc and 1000cc cars.

So Suzuki swift, having 1300cc engine, abs brakes, air bags, outclass exterior will not only complete with Hatchback, but as well it will also compete with Sedan cars in 1300cc range.

BE PATIENT GUYS! The Exclusive review is coming soon :-)


Zaid said...

Awesome car.. just waiting for a detailed review from this website :-)

Hamza said...

Nice car!

Zaid said...

Hats off... but still, Vitz is much better