Canal Motors Fraud : Lahore, Pakistan

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A man with the name of Qaiser Nazeer was known for his Canal Motors. His office is located on the Jail road and Faisal Town, Lahore. From the last 10 years he was running a business where he use to take the money from the people, order cars and then sell them and in the end, he usually returns the profit to investors.

I don't know how people came to trust the dealers, as the trend suggests, you shouldn't trust the local dealers, anyway it's the money and profit and a greedy nature which makes you forget everything.

Anyway, going further on, From November 2009, he started claiminig everyone that the business is going down and soon the cheques of investors were going bounce though he kept on saying them that everything will be sort it out in a day or two, and people believed him in blind way in thinking that he has such a big office, how he can run ?. But these days, it's hard to rely on anyone.

Now no one know's where he is, all of his cell numbers are blocked and people started protesting against him.

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