Toyota Avalon 2011 'Pics' Exposed!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Well, today we are going to have some spicy pictures of the Toyota Avalon 2011,

A very sexy car , Toyota Avalon

The car, Toyota Avalon 2011 is still yet, not released, let's hope it must be released in March, as expected


hs said...

Looks a lot like our 2007 Avalon.
The lines are still nice, but there is no jump shift in design.

hs said...

This concept car looks a lot like our 2007 Avalon. Certainly
there are no quantum leaps of

hs said...

There is no great difference between the design of this car and our present 2007 Avalon. (Which
could be a plus;>)

Anonymous said...

Let's not hope for anything, it looks mediocre and dull it's boring and typically Asian design does not stand out in anything but yawnfulness