The HOT and Exclusive Review of Suzuki Swift 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

(In India, this car is known as Maruti Suzuki Swift)

With the on-going rumours in the late december of 2009, that the Suzuki is going to launch a new hatchback which is going to compete in Hatchback as well Sedan (1300cc) segment
and then finally, Suzuki came up with it's new shape, A Brand New Suzuki Swift

I guess, we aren't that late to post the review of the suzuki swift, the car, which gained alot of hype, considering it is one of the best car ever produced by Suzuki in the Asian regime, we can
say that the hype well worth.

Let's have a look on some key features

Key Features:

* Sporty Look
* Powerful 1.3L Engine
* Four wheel ABS Brakes
* Sporty Tachometer
* The body has Stylished Chromed Grills
* Alloy Rims
* Halogen Headlamps
* Electronic Power Steering
* Large Lugge Area
* Power Side Views
* Power Side Windows
* Quality Audio System, with CD Player Support
* Five Speed Manual Transmission
* Superior Quality Seat Fabric

The Major Addition seems like, Sporty Look, ABS Brakes, Allow rims and Power additions, while the Audio system is criticized by the people and reported that it is not upto the mark.

Ratings : 7.5/10

Driving :

The driving is very easy and comfortable, i'm definitely sure that you will enjoy the rid. :-)

Ratings : 8/10

Design Exterior :

In your first impression at Suzuki Swift, you will see a sexy sporty look with Stylished Chromed Grills. Fog lights are also there
The car is also bundled with 15 inch Swift comes with bridgestone tyres and good alloy rims

Ratings : 4/5


To me, the back was much more similar to Vitz back, Though At Back, there was a large and wide rear bumper, not to forget to mention the rear brake lamp
Overall, the back is looking good with the Stylish lights.
Ratings : 4/5

Overall Ratings for Design Exterior : 8/10

Design Interior :

Interior is quite improved, considering it has Sporty, Easy to read instruments, Moving on, the meter is Tachometer, The car also has Power steering, Power Windows, Power side views.
The door handle is made up of chrome. Enough space in dash board. Seats are made up of fabrics. Audio system is also bundled inside. There's also a driver side armrest.
P.S. Not to forget, there is also plenty of room space behind rear seats

Ratings : 7.2/10

Engine Transmission & Performance :

Suzuki swift has 1300cc Engine. The car comes up with 5 Speed Manual gear transmission system. The engine assures quickest Pickup, steady drive and optimum fuel efficiency
Maximum horse power is 89.2 PS (88.0 bhp) (65.6 kW)@ 6000 rpm while the Maximum torque is Maximum torque 118.0 Nm (87 ft·lb) (12 kgm) @ 3400 rpm
The car is using EFi Fuel System.There are 4 valves per cylinder 16 valves in total


Suzuki swift is available in following colours
* Pearl RED
* Graphite Grey
* Solid White
* Aqua Blue
* Silky Silver
* Eminent Blue

Not Impressive list, i believe, but still acceptable unless you are more into making your car more stylish

Ratings 7/10

Safety :

As compared to other Suzuki cars, Suzuki has worked alot to improve this sector, Suzuki introduced Four wheel Emergency, ABS Braking system, further more the body is somewhat solid also it comes with auto locking
so the owner have ease, not to check every door for locking.
Though, Suzuki took a great step and introduced these safety measures but still, one of the popular Airbags are still missing, though it is a downpoint but as in overall, still much better as compared to other suzuki cars

Ratings 7.5/10


"First suzuki car with comfort in Pakistan, The car has all features of good car manufactured in Pakistan"

"I have been totally satisfied with the drive and i can say that the drive is truly awesome, the car looks small from the outside but despite my expectations, it was big from inside.I have a corolla 2006 and the front seats are as big and spacious as compared to my corolla, there's no engine sound while driving the car as compared to all suzuki cars.. So Thumbs up!"

"Better then all current suzuki cars"

"The car is tagged for Rs. 999000 Plus Rs. 90000 as premium or wait for 3 months.
This is totally un-acceptable that they have booked hundreds of them, I am not going to buy that at all. There's very little leg room for the back seat passengers, too much of plastics here and there. Below average interior. Extertior is good, no doubt with 15" Alloys and Bridgestone Tires and ABS.
If I have to buy this car, I would like the price tag should be somthing around Rs.800,000 to Rs. 850,000"

"For me, Interior quality according to me is very poor.The plastic used looks of very cheap quality and the car overall just has a very plastic look inside it. The price tag can not justify it at all.
As someone above said, it should be around 850000 that's a good price considering the company name it has on it. SUZUKI"

To me, the biggest drawback was the absence of Airbags. Another draw back is, that in the same price range as of Suzuki swift, you can buy Toyota Vitz or Yaris which is still much better then this.
Also, I think that if the Suzuki came with a car to compete with 1300cc category, then it should be sedan. Also i have heard many people complaining about the interior as well the poor audio system



As of 3rd February, 2010,

The Price of Suzuki Swift 1.3L in Pakistan is, Rs. 999,000/- while in India it ranges from Rs.4,00,000 to Rs.5,00,000 (Due to city by city different prices, we can't quote the exact price)

(Please note, for latest car prices, CLICK HERE)

Ratings (7.5/10)

(We gave this ranking, because we believe, that the Honda City, Suzuki Liana, and Toyota XLI/GLi will come, if you only increase 200k to 300K the amount)

Conclusion :
Firstly, we would like to appreciate the Suzuki's move, terming it as one of the best car ever produced in Pakistan by Suzuki, it outnumber in features all the previous Suzuki cars, with the addition of ABS , Sporty Look, Alloy Rims, Power Steering and other features, definitely this car has made a competition with other cars upto 1300cc Category. Though Still, it miss some of necessary safety measures as Airbags, further on, the interior can be improved a bit but overall it's a nice package to opt for, keeping in mind the increase of sales in small cars, we would definitely say,
"It's a Good choice to opt for "

Over-All Ratings: (7.5/10) - Recommended

Lastly i would like to request everyone to let us know, how the review was and what is ur personal opinion and thought about this car :-)

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Jacky said...

nice review... thumbs up :-)

thinkpad A31 said...

Bohat Achchay, Shabaash !The review has touch of a pro !

Ali Raza said...

Thanks, we always appreciate ur value able comments :-)

UNCL3 Shoaib said...

i think it is better to buy a swift da a toyota yaris and u wont get a corrolla at swifts price used ho to it is a different story.
yaris comes reconditioned and parts are expensive then y not buy a new car.

Anonymous said...

worst review of any car i have ever read.. sorry to say..

Anonymous said...

Nice work.. nice review of Suzuki swift..! well done

Anonymous said...

Just got a new one about a month back. Its smart, its zippy, its the perfect car you want to take to the crowded streets of Karachi. Plus...for all the people worried about mileage (and i admit i was definitely worried until I found it out myself) i am getting 14-14.5 km per liter on my running. I do move on one of the corridors usually, and sometimes I move a little bit on the Super Highway....the mileage will differ of course according to your driving conditions and driving habits.

value my car said...

nice review man, thanks for sharing