Limited Options and High Prices in Car market: APMDA : Pakistan

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

All Pakistan Motor Dealers Association, has stated that the import of used cars and other transportation vehicles have been made quite expensive in order to promote the local car manufactures which has resulted the end users with limited options, high prices and poor quality

It has been recorded that the consumer have no choice left to opt for, as the imports during last six months decreased to only 2100 units

All this happened due to increase in taxes,
* The government has reduced the car age limit to three years
* 50 Percent regulatory duty has been imposed
* 12.5 Percent Increase in duty

On the other hand, due to this, there was increase in local market for new cars and as a result, all the car manufacturers have increased their prices

This shows the clear-cut mis-management by the Government side, Our government should try to protect the interests of local people by making necessary policies