Upto Rs.50,000 Demanded for delivery of cars : Pakistan

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Despite the car owners making full payments, they are still unable to get cars and to get their cars on time, often they have to pay additional amount ranging from Rs. 10k to Rs. 50K.

Almost everyone wants to have it's own car and want to get rid of the Public transport, specially the kind of system we have in Pakistan, no one likes it, But in order to get their desire fulfilled they have to pay additional amount and during this economic recession time, specially when the prices of daily essentials are going higher and higher, it is getting difficult for everyone to afford it.

Interesting thing here we would like to discuss is, The Government seems have no control on this issue or it is not trying to, whatever the reason is, but in the end, who goes affected the most ? it's the end consumer!.

According to a market survey, car dealers are trying to get additional Rs40K to Rs45K for the Suzuki Swift, which is launched about a month ago in the 1300cc category While Rs30K to Rs40K are being demanded for Suzuki Mehran.

Going further, Rs25K to Rs35K are being charged for other suzuki cars.

Besides, the dealers of Honda Civic are also demanding Rs40K to Rs50K.