2009 Honda City AT 2008 Sydney Motor Show

Friday, October 17, 2008

Honda have officially launched it's hot favourite car in the asian market, Honda city to Australia.
The city unveiled at 2008 Australian International Motor Show offered a few futuristic show-only styling additions.

The Honda came with some big plans because here it is Featuring custom headlights, tail lights, and large 17-inch beautiful alloy rims filling out the guards, the new Honda City 2009 concept revealed provided buyers some idea of the styling opportunities (largely the wheels and ride height, of course) that can turn the already attractive Honda City into a real headturner.

In Australia, it will come with two specifications levels, ranging from 17,900$ to 21,990$. The engine is 1.5-litre four-cylinder (The same as of Jazz one). The expected fuel economy will be 6.4L/100km.

Look at some more exclusive pictures


Anonymous said...

its damn awesome
much much betta den new model ov corola

vars said...

come onn man its just damn cooler thn its last 1..........

hqcelebs said...

Will this same city be available in India??

Ali Raza said...

Nope, it is a special australia one!

yousuf said...

hey will they give these chicks also with this car
i mean bye 1 get 2 free