Finally Toyota Corolla GLI & XLI 2009 Launched in Pakistan!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Finally Toyota Corolla GLI & XLI 2009 Launched in Pakistan!

The long waited Corolla GLI and XLI of the new corolla, which was launched about sometime ago in 1.8 and 2.0 d editions have finally started appearing in Pakistani Showrooms in 1.3 Versions as well . In our previous corolla review, we briefly told about the new corolla, so after reading it we can see a little bit change in Gli & XLI versions.

XLI Version have
1.3 VVTI Engine
NO Abs
Without Power Windows
Rest is the SAME!
Except Cruise Tronic
Colours Available : Black and White
Price in PKR, 11,99000/-
UPDATE 16th June, 2009 NEW Prices in PKR, 12,39,000

GLI Version have
1.3 VVTI Engine
Rest is the SAME!
Except Cruise Tronic
Colours Available : Black ,white, strong blue, greyish blue, gun mettalic, silver
Price in PKR, 1319000/-
UPDATE 16th June, 2009 NEW Prices in PKR, 1354,000

There were rumours that those will come with Factory Fitted CNG, but i guess those rumours went wrong and it finally came without it.

Below are some pictures, Enjoy watching them!


Anonymous said...

Awsome....I lIke This's Very Different Car...

raheel said...

no aam not impressed that car b/c interior of car is very simple as their previous version

Anonymous said...

can somebody tell me why these corolla's are getting worse every time a new model comes. Reduced quality in terms of interior, tyres, poor road grip, high fuel consumption, bad rubber quality, majority parts manufactured in Gujranwala/Karachi.
Plus check out the price. My god you can get a limo in this price. ;(
They should learn from Honda. You can check out the details of any Honda vehicle and see the difference.

Anonymous said...

its v.good car.. i owned it few days before.. if u look at Honda City new model its not as much good as Toyota`s new model..
As city`s price is also very high. if u want to buy a manual transmission in new model of honda city so u had to pay 14.5 lakh rupee and if u want to buy automatic transmission so it costs 15.5 lakh rupees (oh my God)
Toyota Xli costs just 12,89000..
so its best !!!

Ali Raza said...

Just to correct that,

Honda City prices are
Ex-Factory Price (Pak Rs.)

Manual Transmission 1,309,000.00
Automatic Transmission 1,429,000.00

While the
Toyota Corolla Xli price is
1.3L XLI 1,299,000

But then again, city provides you more features like airbags, abs braking etc... which toyota don't provide at XLI level

Fahad said...

But dude there is a big difference between rates of spare parts of TOYOTA and HONDA.... Honda gives a spare parts at a high rates as compared to Toyota.... That's why Toyota Cars are lil more expensive than Honda...

Anonymous said...

what impressive abt this car its is just re modeling of older version and nothing more then that. Corolla is only cash their after sales and ruler area support in Pakistan.

lamya said...

i like honda but i think corolla iz da best
its hving good road grip n da tyres are of excellent quality

its re- sale is excellent

Anonymous said...

guys...I have read all your comments. Both Honda and Toyota offer little different feartures. I wonder if there were same features in both vehicles then how would differntiattion was done. This is why products are sold on the basis of value propsition they offer. For me there is a more value in buying corolla than city, but at the same time it may not be the case with others!

I find toyata more solid, reliable, and a good buying!

Anonymous said...

ooyyee hooyyeeeeeeeeeeee! what a car yaar! its an amazing car and it seems to be adventurus. i will own this car i am 100% sure!

Anonymous said...

Why is it that toyotas never put in air bag, go to saudi arabia/ middle east, not a single car you will find without them, they are a must. Where the hell is quality/safety department? why do they allow even cars without Air Bag or Disc Brakes with ABS.

Anonymous said...

New Toyota Corolla GLi & XLi, Both are under powered.

Uzair said...

I thing city is best than XLI.I have XLI and its brakes are totally failed and car slips even when you are going on 60km/h.
and XLI is expensive than city
New Corolla XLI 1289000
New Corolla GLI 1395000
New City 1200000
and city has all those features like ABS,power windows as given in GLI but i thing if you buy XLI i thing city city is better than XLI because of ABS

Anonymous said...

City is better than XLI because of brakes.I am using new XLI but its brakes are very poor and car slips even you are going on 60km/h when you apply brakes.If you want to buy XLI i thing GLI and new City is best.But GLI is too much expensive and city is cheaper than XLI with ABS,power windows and so on.New XLI have very poor brakes if you want to buy new XLI buy New GLI or City

Car Lover said...

I own an XLi and often drive with my family of 05 adult members. No fear at all, i had applied sudden braking even at 90 kph. No problems. The car stops within 30m (as specified by Toyota). However, you have to be little careful about tyres. Kindly replace them after 3/4 usage. Dont wait later than that. City is also a very nice car. But Toyota rules due its superior suspension quality and high re-sale.

Anonymous said...

I think cultus vxl is the best car available at reasonable price and features compatible for Pakistani Roads.

Anonymous said...

ey! what this fuss about re-modlin about!!! daah man its like developin taste they nt gonna come up wit sumtin alien... smooth slow easy shiftin towards sumtin new... nyway its not about honda bettr or toyota its about product admire if good if bad less juss go for an-other.

Aawish Khan said...

my father owns a toyota xli 2010 .its totally failed car .the brakes are horrible and the car slips even if the brakes are applied at a nominal speed.i suggest toyota to take care of its costomers and equip all of its models with air bag safety.and also cut down its sky touching prices

Tabreize Khan said...

Come on Toyota! Is THIS what we Pakistanis deserve for being so faithful to Toyota for decades and decades?? Its a shame the price you ask for a basic vehicle (XLi).. almost 1.3 Million and you dont give even us ABS, Airbag or even Powered Windows?!! Very poor! You see, even if money is everything for you guys, i guarantee you, you guys would be the ultimate losers if u keep this wrong attitude with your consumers! Worst Part: And whenever the govt tries to allow other competitors in the Pakistani market who can give better for less money, you two (toyota, suzuki) begin to cry and start to blackmail Pakistan. Not good; not good at all!!

Anonymous said...

for city and posh area honda is better and for thinking of resale specially in KPK and tough car corolla is better. else its everybody choice both honda toyota hav their great specialities... said...

Does anybody know where I can get the Toyota Corolla GLI 2009 maintenence manual/ebook

value my car said...

I love corolla cars, thats why i have two... :)