Cool 2009 Toyota iQ! Can't Miss to see

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Well I'm glad to tell that, one of the top automobiles manufacturer, our beloved Toyota, lol! have finally revealed it's new super compact, C-segment, Beautifully designed iQ to the world in Geneva. The production of this car will be started from late 2008.

Toyota produly introduced Six engineering innovations which were used to maximize the interior space thus the iQ is capable of carrying 3+1 Passengers, meaning it can easily adjust three adults with one children with full comfort. Another thing need to be noted is that it have 100mm of added length in cabin as compared to the Toyota Yaris/Vitz. The long wheelbase is of 79 inches, which maximizes the space between wheels.

Kazuo Okamoto, Executive Vice President in charge of Research and Development at Toyota, stated that there should be a change in the concept that small is basic and we have done it by manufacturing the iQ.

Other features like the pushed-forward dashboard features temperature controls with an LCD display, as well as a 5.8-inch screen for satellite navigation system. The iQ which was displayed at Geneva sat, which was on 16-inch wheels and powerplant choices will have two gasoline and one engine based on diesel. The expected production of this car will be 100,000 units, in first year of production Globally.

Picture Gallery of 2009 Toyota iQ
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